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Cold Compress Plaster

Cold Compress Plaster
Cold Compress Plaster
Product details:

Product details:

[Common Name]  Disposable Cold Compress Plaster

[Brand Name]  Cold Compress Plaster For Moxibustion Ironing and TDP Triple Therapeutic Plaster

[Norm]  ICE-1A

[Model]  Acute Injury Model

[Sphere of Application]   physical cooling for human.

[Theory]  the cold compress plaster contacts capillaries,relieves local congestion,reduces the sensitivity of nerve endings,and eases pain.

[Contraindication] Hematologic,neonates

[Announcements]  External use only,in order to prevent frostbite,we suggest you warpping the cold compress plaster in a towel when using.if broken outer bag leads to inner liquid is splashed on skin,please wash with water.please read the directions in packing box.

[Dosage]  1 pcs each time.

[Storage]  Sealed and storage in a cool dry place,away from fire.The cold compress plaster can only break its inner bag when using,then use it as fast as possible.If the inner bag is found broken,this cold compress plaster will be unable to use,

[Period of Validity]  3 year

[Use Method]  Open the packing bag,take cold compress plaster out,break the inner bag,

2,Shake the plaster to mix inner material,then this plaster will release cold spontaneous.

3Apply this plaster to affacted area,in order to prevent frostbite,we suggest you warpping the cold compress plaster in a towel when using.

4The plaster should be throw into trash can after feeling no cold.

[Medical Device Registion No.] 粤深药监械(准)字20121580107

[Production Registration No.] 粤深药监械(登)字2012016


【产品名称】     医用转移板

【型号、规格】   ZYB-450




【产品性能、主要结构组成】   由主板、织带、把手、外包等组成。

【适用范围】   用于方便医护人员将患者安全平稳的过床或移位,降低医护人员搬移过床病人的劳动强度,同时减少病人受到二次伤害的可能。

【禁忌症】  无


1. 使用前应仔细阅读使用说明,按使用说明操作方法进行操作;

2. 本器械仅与完整皮肤接触或间接接触使用者;

3. 床与平台之间空隙不得超过15cm

4. 操作时床与平台不得移动。   21.jpg23.png


1. 将患者侧躺;

2. 转移板的支撑部分在上,布套裙摆在下,支撑部分与裙摆的连接处朝向护理人员方向,放在患者身下;

3. 将患者放回支撑部分上;

4. 拖动把手至平台3分之1处,扶住患者肩挎部,拖至平台上;

5. 抽出医用转移板,完成转移。


6. 将患者侧躺;

7. 转移板的支撑部分在上,布套裙摆在下,支撑部分与裙摆的连接处朝向护理人员方向,放在患者身下;

8. 将患者放回支撑部分上;

9. 推动患者的肩挎部至平台上;

10. 抽出医用转移板,完成转移。


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